Rich-snippets Generator for Event

Required for pages listing multiple events.Unnecessary if the URL is the same as the page containing the markup

Name of organization

Address. Required for single event

ISO date format

ISO date format

ISO duration format

eg. "Festival", "Concert", "Lecture"

Optional. Specifies the geographical coordinates of the location

A link to a photo or image related to the event.

An offer to buy tickets for the event. A ticket format example is given in textarea

What is rich-snippets for event?

When event information is marked up in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and may make that information available can be used on search result pages and other Google properties. Information such as an event title, date, and venue can help users decide which pages to click on in search results.

Usage guidelines

Event markup can be used to mark up events that occur on specific future dates, such as a musical concert or an art festival.

The information that is visible on the snippet, such as the name and location of the event, also needs to be clearly defined. Since this feature isn’t meant for advertising purposes, your event name should not contain any promotional elements such as the price of the event, a call to purchase, or an indication of a sale or temporary discount.

Examples of valid event names:

  • East Bay Symphony Concert
  • Music Festival Northwest

Invalid event names:

  • Trip package: San Diego/LA, 7 nights (Do not use rich snippets markup to promote non-event products or services.)
  • Sale on dresses! (Non-event information)
  • Concert - buy your tickets now! (Promotion)
  • Concert - 50% off until Saturday! (Promotion)